WATCH: This cheap shot knockout is why you should never touch gloves in MMA

Mixed martial arts can be just plain cruel sometimes. It’s bad enough that the object of a match is to either knockout or submit your opponent in the allotted time, but there is supposed to be some sportsmanship involved.

Many fighters, when they believed to have mutual respect with their opponent, will touch gloves after the opening bell. Well, Ibragim Khalilov just broke an unwritten rule of fighting.

Khalilov took on Bakhtiyar Barotov at WBK 22 on Saturday in China and took full advantage of Barotov’s attempt to show respect.

It’s one of the fastest knockouts you’ll see this year and one that I can’t honestly blame Khalilov for. I understand the unwritten rule aspect, but once that bell rings and the ref gives you the go ahead to start punching each other, it’s game on.

If it’s not illegal, then make it illegal if you really want to stop guys from doing this.

Via Brandon Wise, CBS Sports



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